Blue Cross Store, Williamsport, PA

The prototype store DxDempsey designed for Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania was rolled out in Dickson City and Williamsport. It responds to the changing landscape of health insurance by offering a user-friendly retail experience for individuals and families. The colorful space speaks to the Blue Cross brand while simultaneously providing a cheerful welcome. Meeting rooms are highlighted with local images that reinforce a commitment to the community and to the customer. The glass walls of the pods allow natural light to travel through the space and provide visual openness, while giving customers a comfortable place to discuss insurance needs in privacy. The customer is ultimately left with the impression that they are welcome, their needs are important, they will be listened to, and the healthcare process will be made simple.

“During my tenure as CEO of Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania, we worked with DxDempsey on several projects including the launch of our first retail stores. The approach their creative team took incorporated our brand into a cheerful design and led to successful stores where enrolling in healthcare became a user-friendly and inviting experience.”

– Denise Cesare, EVP and COO at United One


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