Carina at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV

Carina, an upscale boutique, offering a discriminating selection of fashions from some of the most sought-after designers in contemporary women’s fashion, was recently renovated and opened its revamped brand in the Forum Shops in Las Vegas. A faceted vertical stone adds richness and texture to the facade. The dark exterior palette contrasts against the bright interior environment complete with luxurious teal tones and shimmering mosaic tile complementing the merchandise. The challenge of seeing the merchandise from the long pedestrian corridor approximately four feet lower than the store itself was answered by keeping the display forms on an intermediate level with a glass rail behind them allowing sight lines into the store. The space feels bright and open despite low ceiling heights due to smart floor fixturing and lights recessed in channels along the ceiling. Reflective surfaces accent the soft gray display boxes that outline the perimeter walls, surrounded within by soft accent lighting and providing sophisticated design detailing within the contemporary space.