County Gateway Center, Scranton, PA

DxDempsey’s commitment to thoughtful, sustainable architecture brought them to the attention of the Lackawanna County Commissioners who wanted to create a one-stop “gateway center” for people to conduct county government business. 

Working with the Commissioners’ vision, DxDempsey crafted a modern insertion in the former Pennsylvania Gas and Water Building in Scranton, PA. The design respects the historic character of the building by leaving it largely intact and creates an open and transparent atmosphere that reflects the philosophy of county government. 

Daylight harvesting is just one of the eco-innovations DxDempsey is using in the new center.   Rapidly renewable items like bamboo and recycled or recyclable materials such as aluminum and eco-carpet tiles also play a major role in the design. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood is used throughout the Gateway Center. The project is a candidate for LEED Commercial Interiors certification