An empty space above a beloved restaurant in a historic building in the Hill Section of Scranton became the new home of DxDempsey after a thoughtful design transformation in which we applied our Strategic Branded Experience Framework to ourselves.

Upon entering, guests are greeted by a Messaging Wall that expresses the company’s Vision, Mission and Values. The black metal letters are in a maple wood channel so the message can be updated as the company evolves or to welcome new visitors. At the heart of the workplace is a multifunctional Town Center equipped with a biophilic wall, audio-visual equipment, a mini-fridge and a wine rack that acts as a place of gathering for brainstorming, client meetings or social events. DxDempsey encourages use of the space for more than work as part of its communal culture. This use is enhanced by a full kitchen as well as a podcast studio open to the community that doubles as a small meeting room or place for staff to take a private call.

Strategically placed glass-enclosed spaces along the windowless wall with a playful graphic of our X logo offer privacy without blocking natural light. A soft seating area provides a place to refresh and relax during the day inside the office with a sister space on a second story porch out back. The workstations are sit/stand to assist with health and well-being while the organization and spacing is considerate of social distancing.

Custom designed maple frames hold photos from project locations in Scranton that are taken from an unexpected angle demonstrating that at DxDempsey, we are proud of where we are from and we look at things from a different perspective.

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