Freedlove, Scranton, PA

Freedlove is not just a store, it’s a lifestyle!  Full of fashion, accessories and assorted merchandise, it offers a fun and inspiring shopping experience for those with an eye for style and a desire to enjoy life. DxDempsey was thrilled to design a store environment that embodies the Freedlove philosophy.  Keeping budget in mind, we re-used the built-in units and left most of the existing space intact. In order to add energy and excitement to this long, narrow space, we created a playful staggered wood ceiling that draws customers deeper into the store. The wood panels that accent the wall also have a puck system by CUBIC that allows maximum flexibility for merchandising the wide variety of product. DxDempsey worked with Aril and Nadine, the owners of Freedlove, to design custom modular wood fixtures that were appropriate to the space, but also allow great flexibility in the number of ways to create displays so the store can stay fresh over time.

What’s the best part of designing such a fun, fashionable store?  Being able to justify all the shopping we do there!

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