Maternal & Family Health Services

Maternal & Family Health Services believes that everyone deserves access to quality care, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or economic status. Their new Circle of Care is an innovative health and human services center providing nutritional, reproductive, dental and behavioral health services to under-served women, children and families throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania. The goal was to design a welcoming, inclusive, branded environment for MFHS that matches the quality of care their patients receive and delivers the dignified experience they deserve.


Upon entry, the new Circle of Care main lobby greets multi-lingual visitors with signage and way finding that uses words supported by clear graphics that can be universally understood. This area also organizes access to the various services within the Circle of Care. WIC Nutrition has its own waiting area due to the volume of clients served and the Towne Center also has a separate entrance off the lobby to allow access after-hours for community and teen education classes and cooking lessons. Because MFHS treats their patients like family, waiting areas feel more like large living rooms with furniture arrangements that consider the needs of those that visit with children. The reception stations are spaced out and have dividers for more privacy while lower counters provide accessibility.


The exposed heavy timber wood and steel beam ceilings in the public spaces reveal the original silk mill construction, harkening back to an age when women’s well-being was not front and center and, ironically, helping to celebrate that now it is.


The Circle of Care combines an intuitive patient flow that respects privacy with thoughtful infection control details for a safe, compassionate and dignified experience. Thought and care was given to the materials used throughout the space, as well as for the furniture and millwork, to ensure environments that are easy to clean and maintain. The LVT floors have cove edges; the guest chairs throughout have a smooth polymer surface; and the millwork laminate uses laser edge-banding with a microbial seal to fight moisture and contamination.


The Circle of Care optimizes daylight and uses friendly brand colors that contribute to a warm, welcoming experience. Inspiring and vibrant images of kids, couples and families enliven rooms and articulate corridors, sending clear brand messaging and reinforcing the organization’s mission while at the same time highlighting that Maternal & Family Health Services is fully committed to diversity, equity and inclusion.

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