Noble Biomaterials, Scranton, PA

“She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.” Have you ever wondered where this old adage originated? Young children of wealthy households were given silver utensils to eat with, specifically spoons at their birth. Metal ions comprised in silver have an inherent antimicrobial effect on viruses, molds and bacterial growth. X-Static, a subsidiary of Noble Biomaterials, provides a silver fiber technology that is woven into fabric to give it antimicrobial properties. Many runners, skiers, yoga enthusiasts, Navy Seals, and NASA astronauts wear this technology in their clothing. DxDempsey’s design for this space incorporates the innovative essence of The Silver Thread Technology punctuated by branded signage and environmental graphics.

“For more than 10 years, DxDempsey has been a partner in bringing our brand to life. They understand our vision and help us tell our unique X-STATIC® technology story, especially through our corporate office space. As we have grown and expanded, DxDempsey has continued to help us transform our industrial building and its challenging spaces into beacons of our brand, including offices that are light-filled, functional and inspiring.”

– Joel Furey, CCO