Opportunity Link: Transformation Through Transportation, Scranton, PA

The Lackawanna Heritage Valley Transportation Initiative, also know as Opportunity Link, closes the gaps on critical connections to a 70 mile heritage trail alternative transportation network, that links 30 communities and hundreds of thousands of economically and culturally diverse residents to multi-model public transit, i.e., the Lackawanna County Intermodal Center. These trail connections provide access to schools, employment centers, healthcare facilities, recreation and shopping, particularly for seniors and residents of low to moderate income households who cannot afford cars. This transformative project will redefine the region by offering safe, convenient, low cost, healthy nonmotirized transportation alternatives that reduce transmissions, transportation and healthcare costs and providing links to multimodal public transportation that will open up and broaden opportunities for residents and will attract skilled workers to the region. The Opportunity Link was a Tiger VIII submission. CLICK HERE to view the full submission. 

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