Unitex, Newburgh, NY

Unitex Healthcare Laundry opened a new facility in 2008 and wanted potential customers to come into their new plant and sense their commitment to clean, dependable products and service; the pride they take in their honesty and integrity; and the tremendous appreciation they have for the Unitex team. We designed the space to send this message from the moment one enters.  The graphic display on the elevator shaft wall includes descriptive words that define their mission.  The logo and the paragraph below speak to the company being a venerable family business, providing the highest quality of value and service to their customers since 1920. The time line along the corridor walls depicts the history of the washing machine (highlighted on the washboards) as it occurred in relation to the history of the United States (highlighted on the gray wall area behind the washboards)–beginning with the washboard and ending with an invitation to tour the plant to see the most state-of-the-art tunnel washers in existence today.