Welcome to Las Vegas, Caesars Forum Shops, Las Vegas, NV

This flagship store design extracts and abstracts the most iconic aspects of vintage Las Vegas reinterpreting them in a chic, modern fashion. It is a montage of fragments, patterns, and representation of the past and present that draws inspiration from the “Boneyard” at the Neon Sign Museum. It has a hip, nostalgic, yet contemporary feel overlaid with a dash of glitz and glamour. The store hints at the memories of the rich history of Las Vegas and the merchandise symbolizes the new memories the customer will take home. Shopping in the store is an experience that provides a euphoric sense of discovery.

“For the past decade, DxDempsey Architecture has worked hand-in-hand with the Marshall Retail Group team to create over a dozen successful brands that have helped us become America’s largest, independent specialty retailer in the casino-resort and airport marketplace. Their intense creativity, commitment to excellence and can-do spirit dovetail perfectly into our fast-paced and collaborative culture.”

– Michael Wilkins, CEO