Ringing In The New Year With Our Amazing Interns

We thought that life at DxDempsey was already pretty awesome, then this past Fall we welcomed our interns–Madison, Tanner and Charlie–and, well, now it’s just off the charts! So we are Ringing in the New Year with these amazing individuals who have been helping with our mission to inspire people to love what they do and where they do it.

Madison Daches

Madison comes to us from Newburgh, NY via Marywood University where she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture and is now pursuing her Masters in Interior Architecture. Madison is not only a talented designer, but also an avid soccer player. Due to an injury her freshman year, she is eligible to continue playing for Marywood’s team during her first year of graduate school. And as if going to school, playing a varsity sport and interning at DxDempsey wasn’t enough, Madison is also a TA for a Digital Media class. We are happy to have Madison and her unbounded energy and talent at DxDempsey!

Tanner Kachurak

Tanner is a native of Berwick, PA who also comes to us via Marywood University. If your first thought was “Go Bull Dogs!” then you are barking up the right tree because Tanner not only played for, but was also Captain of the famous Berwick high school football team. It takes someone with determination, discipline and talent to play at that level and Tanner brings all of the same to his pursuit of a Bachelor of Architecture degree at Marywood, where he is in his 5th year of a 5 year program, and to his internship at DxDempsey. We are thrilled to have him on our team!

Charlie Incarnato

Charlie hails from the Pocono Mountains where he was a competitive wrestler. After high school, he began pursuing a Liberal Arts degree at Keystone College until he realized that he wanted to be an architect and transferred to Marywood University’s School of Architecture, where his is in his 4th year of a 5 year program. Charlie is not only a full-time student, but also works at the spa at Kalahari. He also speaks three languages—English, Spanish and Italian—so feel free to say ‘hi’, ‘hola’ or ‘ciao’ if you meet him. We don’t know how he finds the time, but we are happy that he brings his work ethic and design savvy to DxDempsey!

Team Work

If you noticed, each of our interns is not only a talented, up-and-coming designer, but also a high school/college athlete. There is something about learning teamwork, discipline, work ethic and friendly competition at a young age that carries over well into the professional world. It helps to build a great work culture where each person strives to help or support the others because they know that when the team does well, we all win.

We predict that 2020 is going to be an outstanding year for all of our staff, friends and clients at DxDempsey! Cheers to the New Year and great success in all of your endeavors!

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